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These sites all speak to the issues of the US losing our liberties and trying to gain it back again.  Get educated!

Smirking Chimp
Air America Radio

November Coalition

Capitol Hill Blue

Drug War Prisoners

Journey for Justice

Quotable Franklin

Too Stupid to be Prez


What's the story here?This is an interesting read...
The Skull and Bones Society
George Bush and others are members. What should we know about them?

This administration has been robbing us of our rights for too long!  We must act!  Our governement has been abusing the powers vested in it by US, and we have to stand up and be heard.
When one freedom goes away, they will all follow!

If you have issue with the way the government is handling things, get active and DO something about it.

Tell the people in Washington DC; it's why we 'hired' them! They are not the nobles that we serve.  They are the representatives that we chose!  Make them work for their salary, and make OUR country the place we think it should be.  We get the government we deserve, so let's tell them we deserve something better than what we're getting.

~Brian Elliott March 21, 2007


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