Please, please...  Someone stop them!
Only "we the people" can do it...


You know, the whole world has lost perspective on life. The whole world is doomed if we don't gain it back. We need to start with our country. Be the example that everyone used to consider the USA to be. We are on the bottom of the pool these days, more closely resembling a 3rd world country than a leader among nations. We need to make it clear that the PEOPLE of the United States are aware of how the world perceives our government and DO something by voting in people who will do what is right. NOT what they and their company cronies want them to do. War is good for many of the large companies. We need to look back to the days of the dollar a year men, and how war mongering & profiteering was actually illegal, and that companies and people who were profiteering were put in jail as traitors! We are in dire need of the rebirth of common sense.

I am not a democrat, nor am I a republican. I am a human being who is an American Citizen. It means something to me! When we raise our voices against the government it is NOT treason. It is an outcry for change. When more of us are crying out for change than not, it means we are living in tyranny, and not in a free nation. We must make the changes required for our nation to continue to be a free representational republic. If we do not act soon, we will lose all that 200 years has brought us. We will fall into a new dark ages lit up by the televisions and computer screens that we will sit and vegetate in front of. We will become less than the whole, and ultimately we will all live in slavery to a government that uses us only for what we give of our selves, AND they will take it to squander it and bring more hate upon us in the world. We will be destroyed as a people and as a nation.

Stop fighting each other! It is how a battle of this kind is lost. The leaders of wars always say that to win a battle you must divide and conquer. That is what has been happening to us all for 6 years. We must not be divided. The division must end, and we have to make amends to each other as soon as we can. Stop talking about which party is right, and look at what is happening to our country. Stand up and make a difference. Vote for people, not for parties. Vote to make a change. If voting doesn't solve the issues at hand, then we must do more. Marches and demonstrations. Letters and in person visits to our representatives. We must make the changes happen together. One person may feel that they can't make a difference, but thousands of us can. We must!

To survive the crisis in the world that has begun, we must pull together, and make a change.


For the sake of our children...  For the sake of humanity...