House Blackhart has been in two Kingdoms before finally settling down in the Kingdom of An Tir.  There are still Squires in Atlantia and one in the East (who moved there from Atlantia, and we even have a lady attached who has moved into yet another Kingdom (Trimaris?).

Most household functions take place in The Kingdom of An Tir now, and those who could not come along with us follow their path and keep in touch when they can.

Our Home:  The Kingdom of An Tir, Shire of Mountain Edge

We are often seen camping at An Tir events with Ulfredsheim, but we camp other places from time to time as well.

Our Home away from home: Pennsic War. Sadly, we are not able to make it to the war every year now that we live so far away. When we attend the War we are part of the camp known as Chez D'Argent, and party with the crazy mercenaries across the street called Iron Lance.

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