The list of projects looks like this:
New Armour (including 2 full sets of loaner kit)
New Tabards  (& baldrics?)
Silk pennons (I really love them, and I want some!)
Household Badge to be designed (send ideas)
A "kitchen" for camping events will be assembled.
       The Kitchen will include:
  • Spice Cabinet/Fold-up Kitchen Box
  • Large Wood "Fridge" Cooler
  • Wooden Storage Boxes or Shelves
  • A tent to house it all?
  • Smoker?
  • Bar?
    We have:
  • A sink w/ water cabinet
  • Stove
  • Knives
  • Table
  • Chandelier (we need to make something that won't blow out so easily)
  • Other Ideas?
  • A bigger dining fly (thinking 16X20)

Other Projects I'd like to do sometime:
Brew Meade - have carboy, will brew...
Pewter Casting - keep an eye out for materials and tools
Period Benches and Tables - want to get rid of the nylon chairs.
Shoe & boot workshops
    Shoe lasts.  (This will entail wood working, so after the shop is set up)
Garb workshops

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