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And Friends!

Last updated on September 10, 2003

 Azure vêtu ployé ermine, a crescent and in chief a coronet argent.
Countess Caia Snowden's new device!  
Argent goute de sang, a stag rampant and chief sable.
Current arms of Earl Sir Amalric Blackhart


Household Gallery - on the back burner for a while...

Aradd was knighted at Kingdom Crusades in 2001.
(Pictures were removed. Anyone have any that I could post?)

House Blackhart & friends - Currently planning Pennsic for Chez D'Argent

Future plans for this page:

Interesting Links

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Armor Websites & More armour sites- Lots of pictures!  :-D
Roberto di Milano's - Gallery of armor - Must be seen to be believed
Medieval Life Magazine - Has lots of articles of interest to us all
Event pictures & More event pictures- Cool SCA pictures by Auric
Academie d'Espee -Maintained by Aedan

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Earl Sir Amalric Blackhart

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