Here are some of the games I like to play with other people in LAN parties or online in various connection methods (usually TCP/IP):

Unreal Tournament - Now supported by the enthusiast community.

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Add me to your Buddies list:  GrogMyzer

Unreal Tournament 2007 - Due for release soon!

Total Annihilation - One of the original resource strategy games.  Also supported now by the enthusiast community.

Nerf Arena Blast - Supported again by Atari, Inc.
Update on NAB:  The Community Pack!  Get it today and play with the rest of the NAB Community online!  All the updates and map packs and other stuff you could ever possibly find on the web, all in one big package!  Get it today!  See you online!  (Thanks B-Ball!)

WarCraft II & III
StarCraft & Brood Wars
Quake II & III (new Quake IV was a disappointment)

The Myth Series!  It lives again! (I'm so happy!):  Dead guys come after the living in this fantasy world setting complete with Dwarves, and Giants, and much more!  Great fun.  I can't believe the game stopped being popular. This game was made by the folks who created Halo before Microsoft bought them up for Xbox game development.
I have several others that I enjoy as well...  Let me know what you want to play.

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