The Myth series lives again!

I was heart broken when Bungie stopped supporting this series of games by shutting off the servers for Myth.  The best and most innovative game that had come out in years, and it still holds it's own on both a single player and multiplayer level.  Multiplayer is almost a completely different game experience from the single player story line game. Short concise games online are very exciting, and when you get a good group together can go on and on for hours of exciting play. I can't wait to get back online and play the hell out of this game again!

Myth: The Fallen Lords
Myth II: Soulblighter
Myth II: Worlds
Myth III: The Wolf Age

Update Files can be found in several places now!  Get involved, PLAY!

The main page can be found, strangely enough on the Bungie website, BUT it was damned hard to find as even a search on the site didn't reveal the new info. Here are two other sites to visit for more up to date info on the Myth series:
- Supports Myth and Myth II. Note: Not based on Bungie's server code.* - Always supported Myth II, and recently added Myth and Myth III support too.
*Seems to be down right now... 4/18/04

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