2003 Holiday Family Gallery

Amy & Brian and the boys...
These shots are all from the holiday season 2003. The house shots are where we are currently 
(just renting, but we're looking for a good place to buy). You can see we're still unpacking stuff!

We went to Spokane to Visit Amy's Mom for a couple of days, too.

The snow shots are from New Year's Day (and they say it doesn't snow in Portland!)

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IM001406.jpg IM001407.jpg IM001408.jpg IM001409.jpg IM001410.jpg IM001411.jpg
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IM001412.jpg IM001413.jpg IM001414.jpg IM001415.jpg IM001416.jpg IM001417.jpg
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IM001418.jpg IM001419.jpg IM001420.jpg IM001421.jpg IM001422.jpg IM001423.jpg
IM001425 IM001426 IM001427 IM001428 IM001429 IM001430
IM001425.jpg IM001426.jpg IM001427.jpg IM001428.jpg IM001429.jpg IM001430.jpg
IM001431 IM001432 IM001433 IM001434 IM001435 IM001436
IM001431.jpg IM001432.jpg IM001433.jpg IM001434.jpg IM001435.jpg IM001436.jpg
IM001437 IM001438
IM001437.jpg IM001438.jpg

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