What's Really Happening Here?!


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Another Aliens movie?!

"Hey you in the purple, I told you to park over there!!" -Mark J.

"Off with his head!!"

#3 "Does this underwear make me look fat?" -Alexandra H.


#5  Training starts young at the Crocodile School of Dentistry...
#6 "Hey mom if I stick my finger up my nose will it come out the other side?" -Alexandra H.

"GOLD!!!!!!! Eureka! I've struck it rich!!!" -Ashley J.

#7 "Welcome to our reverse day celebration!!!" -Ashley J.
#8 Brian tries out a new foot peel. -Alexandra H.

An Oregon man won the Northwest Fire Walking Championship this past weekend. Now here is the rest of the story! -Mark J.

"Gee Daddy, how many times are you going to ask to borrow my brain?"  -Osprey

"We are the tiny knights who say nee."
-Jan H.