What are YOU lookin' at?  Never seen a man wear a purse before?!?

  This site is dedicated to a campsite at Pennsic War by a group of friends who gather together around the impetuous and insane Baron Damon Argent, but everyone calls him Silver.

Most of us do not really care what you think, just as long as you have fun while you are visiting.

We love bards and story tellers, and we despise those who have no sense of humour.  We have coffee, and we know how to use it! We cook and eat the best foods, and enjoy the best company.

We're Chez D'Argent... we live better than you do.

This is the home of the brave, the sanctuary of the fatigued, the place where irony rules, and those who are too full of themselves fear to tread.

When you come to visit, have fun, or we'll have fun for you!


These pages are the responsibility of Brian Elliott known in the SCA as Duke Amalric Blackhart
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