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Free Security
Windows XP (No, I'm not a great fan of the Microsoft Operating System, BUT...
If you are using Windows XP and are not updated to Windows Service Pack 2 you should!
Included are Free updates to WinXP, and a Free Firewall that works.
In addition, you can send a request for help to someone who knows Windows XP
to help you fix your issue or show you how to do something. It is a remote help system
which means they can be sitting in their house and you in yours and they are looking
at what's on YOUR PC! Great usefulness here! You can get the WinXP SP2 by updating your PC
on Microsoft's website. 

To help keep your PC safe from the virus threat, you should consider getting rid of those
expensive anti-virus programs that you have to update each year (McAfee, Norton/Symantec, etc...)
Why pay for those when you can get a Free Anti-virus that gets updated more regularly than the "big guys"?
Download Free AVG! It gets great reviews by the experts and really works well!

Free Chat Clients
The Internet has a great way to keep in touch with people, and the best thing about it is,
It's FREE. A chat client, or instant messenger is just a window you type into to allow you
to send a message immediately to people you know on the web. No waiting for e-mail!
It allows you to see and be seen by people you choose.

AIM - Aol Instant Messenger: chat with AoL users without paying for AoL.

Yahoo! IM - Yahoo has lot's of great extras in their messenger program.

ICQ - The old geeky way to chat online. Now owned by AoL.

MSN IM - Free service.  If you already have an MSN or hotmail account from Microsoft, this is their free chat, and you are already signed up. Great for asking someone for help in Windows XP!

 Trillian - If you have two or more of the above chat clients, this one let's you see and chat with all your contacts at the same time. Beware!  Not all the extra services will be available in Trillian, but you can still use the others side by side with it if you can't do without the fancy stuff.   The main thing for me is the communication, so simple text is just fine, especially when you can see all your chat buddies online at the same time. They have a premium service now in addition to the free client.

Enhance your web experience:

Flash Player - Required for some web pages
Shockwave Player - Used to view some content on websites
WinZip - Compression software to 'unzip' your downloads
WinAmp - Free MP3 player for your PC
Dogpile - The best search engine on the internet

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