Local Practices

The groups near me:

We live in the Kingdom of An Tir in the Shire Mountain Edge.

Some of the local groups we visit regularly:

Queen's Device
Kingdom of An Tir

Shire of Dragon's Mist

Barony of Three Mountains

Barony of Terra Pomeria

Barony of Blatha An Oir

Barony of Stromgaard

Current practices - Go look now!
The Rules - Rules of all the marshaled activities.
Armour Resources - Armour info & pictures.
Armour Workshops - Forthcoming.
Armour For Sale - What I have for sale is shown here.

Anyone interested in becoming a marshal should first familiarize themselves with The Rules. This is a fairly comprehensive list of documents dealing with most SCA marshal related activities including Armoured Combat, Fencing, Combat Archery, and the Youth Fighting Program.

In service,
~Earl Sir Amalric Blackhart

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