Pregnancy/Nursing Garb
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Niobe at her 3rd coronation (5 mo)

Niobe at the Crown we won (~6 mo)

4 months pregnant the day we won Crown

At Pennsic as Heirs (~7.5 mos?)

Me at our Crown Tourney (38 wks)

Well worn at Gulf Wars
White Italian at Pennsic
(I have found the pictures, just have to set up the scanner.)
Norman (37 wks)
(I have a cute shot or two in the style you see above when I can find them.)
Cool site for houppelandes!, etc.
Although I can't see an easy way of nursing without opening up the front, these would be great for pregnancy.
Here's a huge page of e-mail suggestions regarding pregnancy and nursing garb.  I have not read through it, so wade through it at your leisure.
Here are the diagrams for the norman tunics.  You can make ones with long sleeves, but these shorter ones are both fashionable and practical. You can also wear a hood with them if desired.