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Well, here it is.  I have said for too long that I have too small a repertoire to be considered a bard of any kind. I am going to attempt to change that by finding as many songs and songbooks as I can from which to learn new songs. If you can find me something that is either medieval or SCA in nature for performance at events, I'd love to have you send me a link, or actual material (let me know if I can repost material here).
Katriana's Songbook - A Lady of Calontir has almost 90 songs posted here as well as links to other songbooks to look up. Stephan's Florilegium - This is a compilation work, and I have tagged the Performance Arts section here. Lot's of articles. Entire site.
Niall Dolphin's page has a few songs as well. Some original works and some medieval/traditional as well as some he posted for other SCA song writers. Mudrat Cafe - An extensive list of songs, with many playable tunes. The caveat on this site is that it's so large that there are many songs not in period. 
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I'll post more if anyone sends me bardic or performance related links.

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