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I hope this list of links may be useful in a quest for armour info...

If you have any questions about armour, I'd be glad to be a resource. I have put together many full harnesses over the last 22 years, and would be more than willing to give you my opinions and even help if we can arrange the time. If you are not familiar with armour, making a large purchase without an experienced person can be a costly mistake.  I can't remember how many times someone has made a purchase that didn't work out the way they expected it to and had to either resell it at a loss or just store it in their house forever more.

I also sell various bits from time to time, see my armour for sale.

14c. Transitional - I have started adding parts of my personal harness onto the site. This is just my execution, and the methods work for me; YMMV. Armour Archives - Totally armour, totally cool. Lots to see from patterns to armourers who sell online. Great forum discussions too. Free to join & participate.
SCA Armour Merchants - From the SCA merchant ring. Again, not an exhaustive list, but seems to be well maintained. Therion Arms Links - Scroll down. A large, though not exhaustive, list of armourers (some dead links).
Basic Armouring Manual -  Good starting point. Some good techniques for the basics.  116pg pdf file. Pennsic Pictures - Some of the pictures are good up close pictures to see the armour styles folks are wearing.
Even more event pictures - Here's an older gallery. Hundreds of fighting pictures in here. Other event pictures - A friend of mine posts these for his local group. Mostly fighting pictures from tourneys.
Fighting Videos - Here in this index are several videos and other bits and pieces you may find fun to watch. Stephan's Florilegium - This is a compilation work, and I have tagged the Combat section here. Lot's of articles, not very many pictures. For entire site.

I'll post more if anyone sends me armour related links.

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