Reading and Viewing Recommendations

Check out these books & videos you might want to get a feel for the flavor of the SCA.

You keep using that word...Princess Bride

This is the book the movie was based on! Lot's of interesting details that were not in the movie version. More hysterical than historical. A fun read!
Icon The Princess Bride (Special Edition)

Shakespeare comes alive!Henry V on VHS!

Kenneth Branagh does Shakespeare right!  Great armour shots, and fight scenes.  The political intrigue is great fun!

A great story of medieval adventure!Men of Iron

This book was made into a movie called The Black Shield of Falworth in 1954 staring Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh.

Here's an online version of the text. Well worth the quick read it is.

Freedom!Braveheart on VHS!

Based on the historical figure of William Wallace, the Scottish freedom fighter. Starring and directed by Mel Gibson. Fine medieval politics...

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