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Fighting has many different aspects. Training, study, philosophy, inspiration, and most of all practice with others. The camaraderie of the field is without equal. I will provide links here for helping you explore what fighting means and how it relates to the SCA and the 21st c. as well. Keep in mind there is no silver bullet to replace the practice that needs to go into your fighting. If you really want to improve your prowess, get out to your local practice and do it! The more you wear your armour, the more practice you will get in, the better fighter you will become. Don't forget to practice your technique and stamina workouts between practices however as this will prove to be the foundation of your skill.  Learn what you can from every experienced fighter, use what works and save the rest to try again later. There is no one style that works on everyone save that of a flexible fighting mind and body.

Links for and about fighting, knighthood, and chivalry:

Recommended Books - Philosophy and background.
Sir Corby's Book of Four Things - seems to be under construction right now
The Bellatrix Style - Much of what we do is based on this school.
The Oldcastle Style - A very successful style in areas where it is practiced.
An interesting view - A non-knight's perspective on teaching...
Chronique - Resource on medieval knighthood, chivalry, and tournaments.
On winning - An essay that strikes true to me... from Chronique.

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