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Welcome to My Domain is a multifaceted domain that incorporates many aspects of my life.  As follows:

The Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc. was something I found when I was 18 years old. I have enjoyed many aspects of the SCA since then. My whole family gets into it! I've been fighting in armor for over 20 years and I'm still learning to do it better. I'm a knight in the SCA and have had one squire who also got knighted.  I live in the Kingdom of An Tir (Pretty much the NW US and part of Canada). We go to events at least once per month.

Folk Dancing
I've been a folk dancer since my teens. It has since then been one of my favorite activities. I drifted away from it for a while, but I've found it again. Now my wife and I go, whenever we get a chance. We'll drag our boys out with us when they are old enough too.

Computer Gaming
Though I haven't had much time for this lately due to other more important draws on my time (like working), but I love to play various games online. I am looking forward to getting into a semi-regular LAN Party at some point. Whether I start it or just join someone else's doesn't really matter.  Just how much fun I can have playing a few of my favorite multiplayer games!

BE Enterprises
One of my work projects. I want to build your next website or custom PC!  I build custom PC's and web pages, so if you'd like a blazing fast custom built PC for gaming or a nice inexpensive PC just for e-mail and web browsing, or would like to upgrade your old PC, get in touch with me.  I'll build something that suits your needs, or at least help you decide what you need. I will also train folks in the Portland OR area, or give support by phone further out.

A new start page project I am working on.  If you'd like me to make you a custom start page for your browser, your family, or your company, I can do that for you.  Just let me know.

Click away, and enjoy your stay!

~Brian Elliott

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